Meet the Shifting Demands of Benefit Plan Management with eBenefitSync™

A leading benefit plan management solution that creates a single end-to-end source of truth and streamlines claims processing.

Industry Challenge 

  • Homegrown legacy systems and inefficient processes 
  • Spreadsheet driven benefit product development 
  • Multiple sources of truth 


  • Benefit data inaccuracies 
  • Inconsistency of data across systems 
  • Reduced Star ratings 

Our Solution 

  • Establishes a single source of truth 
  • Configurable to embed any business uniqueness 
  • Offers omnichannel integrations/experience 
  • Benefits all stakeholders possible – list all 
Discover how we helped a mid-size health plan integrate benefit plan data with their Core-Admin from a single source of truth.
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Industry Challenge 

  • Multiple handoffs within and outside teams to complete commercial benefit product lifecycle or custom group benefit creation 
  • Manual reviews for audit of product 
  • Manual review of documents that need to be generated for filing and for members 


  • Misinterpretations and errors 
  • Process inefficiencies 
  • Strained teams due to last minute rush for filings 
  • Compliance challenges 

Our Solution 

  • Configurable workflow 
  • Automated validations and additional governance as applicable 
  • Enhanced collaboration to incrementally build benefit product 
Discover how we helped a health plan improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and increase speed-to-market with eBenefitSync™.
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Industry Challenge 

  • Manually creating filing-related documents after building all products 
  • Manually building member communication documents 
  • Teams performing repetitive tasks 
  • Managing material manually without a single source of truth 


  • Inefficient utilization of manpower 
  • Delays in product launches 
  • Compliance fines and errata 

Our Solution 

  • Allows setting guardrails for product build to ensure products are accurately built 
  • Uses the guardrails to automate the generation of range documents for filing 
  • Leverages language repository for omni-channel reuse of language  
  • Any document supported for benefits information – list docs 

Industry Challenge 

  • Highly dynamic and competitive market 
  • Continuously evolving CMS and state regulations 
  • Corporate policy implementations for benefits 


  • Reduced focus and effort on innovation/creativity to design benefits  
  • Increased last-minute efforts to handle regulatory changes 
  • Inadequate focus on staying competitive 

Our Solution 

  • Easily configures any complex benefit design 
  • Modular to address specific pain points 
  • Scales with your growth into states and markets 

Why eBenefitSync ?

Work smarter and faster with eBenefitSync™! Enabling Payers, TPAs, and ASOs to drive agility by leveraging automation to remove manual congestion, increase operational efficiency, control risk and cost, and accelerate speed to market.
Data Accuracy
Speed to Market
Data Reusability
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Industry-leading solution to solve commercial benefit plan management challenges

Choose an end-to-end solution or select any module to solve specific pain points

Our benefit plan management solution can be molded according to your business. Select from our integrated modules that suits your business to address your pain points and maximize investments.

Integration of other solutions with eBenefitSync™ ecosystem

eClaimsEngine™ – Our claims configuration solution, integrates as a component of eBenefitSync™ to configure your commercial plans' benefits data at one place with intelligent decision support, eliminate repetitive data entry into Core-Admin and other systems, keep your claims system up-to-date, and automate the maintenance of your benefit configuration.

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Listen to our Customers

''Working on a few benefits product development and enhancement projects, I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Simplify Healthcare. I found the team very enterprising, innovative, and committed, with the way they executed their responsibilities, overcame challenges, explored solutions, and solved problems.''
— Benefits Implementation Manager
''They help teams to do their jobs better and faster by dummy-proofing various aspects of the product build. eBenefitSync™ enables and encourages consistent product builds, but allows for group-specific benefit requests.''
— Former Health Plan CIO
''What I appreciate about Simplify Healthcare is that they anticipate what will be needed to complete the entire project end-to-end, which minimizes late project life cycle budget increases.''
— Benefits Testing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about implementing end-to-end benefit plan management solution and partnering with Simplify Healthcare.

1. Why use a ready solution for benefit plan management?

eBenefitSync™ is a turnkey solution specifically designed for Payers, TPAs, and ASOs. This makes it a ready-to-go solution that seamlessly integrates with the existing technology infrastructure and starts performing without a lot of time and money on customization and implementation.

2. What are the top three challenges that eBenefitSync™ solves?

eBenefitSync™ solves the following top three challenges:

  • Establishes a single source of truth to ensure data accuracy and consistency
  • Automates accurate document generation to improve compliance
  • Eliminate data and team silos to improve operational efficiency

3. Can I create a single source of truth by importing existing data?

Users can import their existing benefits data in eBenefitSync™ to create a single source of truth for Large Group, Small Group, and Individual benefit plans.

4. Can I manage changes without going through IT and deployment?

eBenefitSync™ comes with easy-to-use administrative screens to allow non-technical staff to define and maintain configuration rules with precision control.

5. What are the processes automated by eBenefitSync™?

eBenefitSync™ automates the following processes in a benefit plan’s lifecycle:

  • Plan design, configuration, and maintenance
  • Workflows
  • Documents
  • Filing
  • Reporting
  • Sales