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A consortium of large health plans creates a single source of truth for benefit plans – improves speed-to-market by 70% and reduces data redundancy by 90%.

Faster speed-to-market

Improved speed-to-market by up to 70% by reducing the renewal process time from 28 hours to 4 hours.

Improved data quality and consistency

Reduced data redundancy by up to 90% and improved data accuracy and consistency by up to 80%.

Improved processes and efficiency

Reduced benefit errors by up to 70% and improved process efficiency by up to 67%.

Improved member satisfaction

Significant improvement in member Provider satisfaction.


A consortium of large health plans was challenged by benefit plan data proliferation across their IT ecosystem. Their end-to-end benefit plan lifecycle was error-prone with disconnected manual processes involving a series of bandaid solutions. Additionally, the consortium had large health plans with conflicting priorities, which prevented a “one size fits all solution.”
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