Choose YOUR Adventure

Each person learns differently, and that’s why we give you a variety of ways to learn and seamlessly access content, from slides, downloadable Job Aids, and videos. With Simplify Healthcare University’s Learning Management System (LMS), users associated with a valid client user license agreement can access up-to-date materials designed to help you learn or remember lessons about your purchased applications.

The site is broken down by products, and each area contains content that is logically organized to help you quickly find exactly the content you are looking for.

Have feedback or comment? Each lesson can accept questions and comments that are actively monitored by our training team. They will respond to open questions, as applicable, and leave questions and answers available for all to see and learn from, thus building a user community of knowledge!

Have a lot of customized training materials? Contact training@simplifyhealthcare.com and ask us about hosting your company’s content on our LMS in a Learning Plan that’s only accessible to your company.

Want an interactive real-time conversation? Join us at our Monthly User Group meetings, hear about upcoming system enhancements, see live demonstrations, ask questions, and even lead conversations with our user community. We’re always looking for volunteers to present at an upcoming meeting, whether you have a topic, or you want help, or a suggestion, picking one!

Want to learn more and master a topic? Great! We offer certification level classes that help you develop a mastery of key system modules. Our classes start off teaching you how to think and plan out the use of the targeted functionality. We then walk the class through examples and offer pros and cons, along with best practices, all for your consideration when plotting out your path to executing your work. To become certified in a topic, learners must complete training, complete the assigned project(s) outside of the classroom and within assigned timelines, and successfully pass a test. For more information or to register for a class, please send an email to training@simplifyhealthcare.com


  • Overviews
  • Job Aids
  • Module insights
  • .Source
  • .Docs
  • Release Notes


  • Comment or ask questions about a lesson or module.
  • Get responses from system experts
  • Review and participate in conversations from other users


  • Sign up for Certification classes and get exclusive access to course reference materials
  • Once you successfully complete Certification, users will retain their access to our LMS regardless of the status of their organization’s license agreement


  • Actively participate in our monthly User Group meetings
  • Materials from past presentations can be accessed directly on the LMS
  • You can leave/read comments and questions made about the presentations