Explore insights on how health plans can enhance their operations and gain a competitive edge with innovative technology.

Managing the ACA in Plan year 2021/2022 with eACASync™

Despite repeated efforts to overturn or curtail it, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains in full force in 2021 — meaning individual, small group, and large group plans must still follow the reporting and filing protocols that applied in [...]

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The Provider Directory and Data Management Problem and Its Impact on Health Plans

Get in-depth knowledge of provider data management challenges faced by health plans and how they can comply with the CMS and the No Surprises Act.

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A Single Source of Truth for Medicare plan management: Why It Matters

Explore how using a single source of truth Medicare Advantage plan management can automate data management processes, eliminate inconsistencies, update CMS changes, generate ANOC/EOC documents faster, and improve speed-to-market.

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Lessons learned from virtual onboarding of over 100 employees during the global pandemic

It is no news that COVID-19 has completely disrupted the work-life across geographies and industries. To deal with this unique challenge, businesses are compelled to deploy new strategies [...]

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