.Docs module is an integral component of our range of modular solutions. .Docs ensures that the language in all of your documents is current, with minimal effort. It enables omnichannel re-use of the language and dynamically generates print-ready documents to meet regulations or share information on web portals or through print. Depending on the solution you choose, it automates a range of documents including member, provider, and employer group communication and contracting documents, FFV payments, and marketing materials.

Discover how .Docs works with our range of solutions for Payers, TPAs, and ASOs

Commercial Benefit Plan Management

.Docs works as a module for our commercial benefit plan management solution (eBenefitSync™) to automate document generation for commercial benefit plans. It enables Payers, TPAs, and ASOs to dynamically generate all Large Group, Small Group, and Individual benefit plan communication documents including SBCs, SOBs, Contracts, SPDs, Amendments, Riders, and other collaterals.

Medicare Advantage Plan Management

In our Medicare Advantage benefit plan management solution (eMedicareSync™), .Docs enables Payers to dynamically generate all Medicare Advantage benefit plan communication documents including ANOC, EOC, SB, handbooks, and other collaterals.

Medicaid Benefit Plan Management

.Docs acts as a module for our Medicaid benefit plan management solution (eMedicaidSync™) to help Payers dynamically generate all product documents, including handbooks, booklets, and marketing materials to meet regulatory requirements for Medicaid Managed Care and Medicaid Fee-For-Service plans.

Qualified Health Plan (QHP-ACA) Benefit Management

.Docs works as a module for our Small Group and Individual Qualified Health Plan benefit management solution (eACASync™) to help Payers dynamically generate QHP PBT, SBC, SOB, booklets, and handbooks.

Client Setup, Onboarding, and Enrollment

.Docs acts as a module for our client setup, onboarding, and enrollment solution (eGroupEnroll™), to dynamically capture all types of client setup information including ASO setup, ASO fees, performance guarantees, group setup, and vendors.

Provider Data Lifecycle Management

As a module of our provider data lifecycle management solution (eProviderSync™), .Docs dynamically generates all provider contracting and communication documents, including agreements, pricing, and network designations.

Value-Based Payment Reconciliation

As a module for our value-based payment reconciliation solution (eVRBSync™), .Docs dynamically generates transparent and compliant FFV payments including pay-for-performance, shared risk/savings, partial cap, full cap, global payments, incentive/PCMH/care coordination, bundled payment.

Leverage cutting-edge technology to generate accurate documents every time and transform business outcomes

Implement Payer, TPA, and ASO business document automation solution to save time and use resources more wisely, as employees can focus on higher value tasks.

Industry Challenge

  • Manually generating documents
  • Building documents from scratch every time


  • Repetitive work
  • Unnecessary delays
  • Last-minute rush

Our Solution

  • Creates a language repository
  • Enables omni-channel reuse of language
  • Reduces manual data entry
  • Accelerates document generation process

Industry Challenge

  • Thousands of communication documents, contracts, payments, and marketing collaterals are built manually
  • Multiple rounds of back and forth between stakeholder


  • Inaccurate documents
  • Inconsistencies across documents

Our Solution

  • Provides pre-configured templates for various business documents
  • Ensures minimal manual interventions in the document generation processes
  • Improves accuracy and consistency in documents across the organization

Industry Challenge

  • Constantly evolving regulations in the Healthcare Payer sector
  • Evolving CMS compliance requirements


  • The last-minute rush to update documents
  • Stressed out teams
  • Increased risk of inaccuracy
  • Increased risk of non-compliance

Our Solution

  • Provides up to date templates
  • Ensures seamless document generation
  • Easily handle regulatory changes
  • Respond to market-driven changes

Industry Challenge

  • Errors and omissions in documents
  • Delays in generating timebound collaterals


  • Negative impact on relationships with providers, customers, and vendors
  • Compliance challenges
  • Suboptimal business outcomes

Our Solution

  • Automates key business documents
  • Improve enterprise-wide efficiency
  • Improves compliance and timeliness of documents
  • Enhances provider, Group, member, and vendor experiences
  • Increases Star ratings