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A mid-size health plan investigates the ability to integrate with Core-Admin systems from a single source of truth – reduces data redundancy by 98% across 23K+ products.

Faster Core-Admin integration

Faster Core-Admin platform benefit product build in less than 4.5 calendar days using a single source of truth.

Improved quality scores

Improved quality scores by up to 95.7% across all touchpoints using automated benefit plan management solution.

Faster Implementation

Reduction in average renewal time per product to 13 mins and new group implementation time to 3 hours.

Increase in data reusability

Improved data consistency within the Core-Admin system and data reusability by up to 98%.


A mid-size health plan wanted to optimize the benefit plan implementation on the Core-Admin platforms.
The following were their key pain points:
  • Significant data redundancy which prevented them from effectively testing and troubleshooting
  • Integration with Salesforce – a lot of the front-end information was captured in the CRM tool that had to be re-keyed
  • SBCs, QHPs, and other document generation – the manual processes were time-consuming and error-prone
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