Our .Source module is an integral component of our range of modular solutions. Depending on the solution you choose, it consolidates your data including benefit, provider, member, group, broker, PBM, and vendor in a single source of truth by leveraging out-of-the-box flexible data structure. It eliminates data and departmental silos by streamlining workflows using an integrated SaaS-based platform.

Discover how .Source works with our range of solutions for Payers, TPAs, and ASOs.

Commercial Benefit Plans

.Source module works as a module for our commercial benefit plan management solution (eBenefitSync™) to create a single source of truth of benefits data of Individual, Large Group, and Small Group benefit plans. It brings various teams together to incrementally build commercial benefit plans.

Medicare Advantage Benefit Plans

In our Medicare Advantage benefit plan management solution (eMedicareSync™), .Source creates a single source of truth for Medicare Advantage benefit plans to manage CMS PBP bid submissions. The business rule-driven interface enables Medicare Advantage plans to manage data configuration, eliminate Excel grids, automate workflows, and facilitate interdepartmental information exchange.

Medicaid Benefit Plan Management

.Source acts as a module for our Medicaid benefit plan management solution (eMedicaidSync™) to help Payers establish a single source of truth to manage multiple states’ benefit products and minimize errors. It automates workflows to accelerate speed to market.

Small Group and Individual ACA Qualified Health Plans

.Source works as a module for our Small Group and Individual Qualified Health Plan benefit management solution (eACASync™) to establish a single source of truth for benefits data. It automates workflows to reduce errors and improve ACA-compliant benefit plan build timelines.

Provider Data Lifecycle Management

As a module of our provider data lifecycle management solution (eProviderSync™), .Source creates a master record of provider and contractual data and automates workflows between various teams to improve operational efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance with the ‘No Surprises Act’.

Client Setup, Onboarding and Enrollment

.Source acts as a module for our client setup, onboarding, and enrollment solution (eGroupEnroll™), to create a single source of truth for client onboarding and enrollment data. It ensures client information setup, including ASO setup, ASO fees, performance guarantees, group setup, membership, broker information, PBMs, and vendors are accurately stored in one place. It also enables workflow automation.

Leverage a single source of truth to configure all your benefit plans in one place, maximize data reusability, and minimize maintenance efforts and costs.

Industry Challenge

  • Multiple sources of truth
  • Data stored with unclear names
  • Data stored in silos


  • Difficulty in finding data
  • Data inaccuracies

Our Solution

  • Establishes a single source of truth in place
  • Stores all benefit plan data in industry-leading user-definable data structures
  • Improves data accuracy and accessibility

Industry Challenge

  • Multiple hand-offs between departments
  • Manual exchange of data from product development to sales


  • Keystroke errors
  • Interpretation errors

Our Solution

  • Discounts the need for countless manual handoffs of final benefit designs between departments
  • Gives everyone real-time access to benefits data
  • All the changes are made in the same document stored in one location — version-controlled, effectively dated, and automatically tracked
  • Reduces turnaround time and improves benefit plan quality, accuracy, and consistency

Industry Challenge

  • Manual review and approval process
  • Approvals for non-standard benefit plans done via email/SharePoint request


  • Lengthy and complex process
  • Inefficient and time consuming

Our Solution

  • Efficiently manage mass benefit plan data changes across systems using a single integrated platform
  • No need for navigation between multiple screens
  • Easily handle regulatory changes
  • Respond timely to market-driven changes

Our Success Stories

''Working on a few benefits product development and enhancement projects, I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Simplify Healthcare. I found the team very enterprising, innovative, and committed, with the way they executed their responsibilities, overcame challenges, explored solutions, and solved problems.''
— Benefits Implementation Manager
''What I appreciate about Simplify Healthcare is that they anticipate what will be needed to complete the entire project end-to-end, which minimizes late project life cycle budget increases.''
— Benefits Testing Manager
''They help teams to do their jobs better and faster by dummy-proofing various aspects of the product build. eBenefitSync™ enables and encourages consistent product builds, but allows for group-specific benefit requests.''
— Former Health Plan CIO