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Establish an Accurate Master Provider Data Repository to Comply With the No Surprises Act

April 21, 2022 | 13:00 - 13:30 ET

Webinar Overview
With about 25% of provider data changing annually, most Healthcare Payers using manual methods face a formidable task managing and maintaining accurate provider data information. Here are two questions for you:
  • Do you manually update provider data across multiple systems?
  • Is maintaining provider data accuracy a constant challenge for you?

Inaccuracies in provider data can lead to burgeoning costs for Health Payers, increased compliance risks, and adversely impact claims accuracy, risk adjustment, and value-based contracts. In addition, the No Surprises Act has increased compliance burdens for Payers. More regulations are expected in 2023.

Resolve your provider data management accuracy problems and operational challenges across all stages of the provider lifecycle. Gain significant improvements in top metrics such as CMS network compliance, Star ratings, contract turnaround time, network profitability, and Medical Loss Ratio (MLR).

Join our panelists to explore how eProviderSync™ can establish a reliable and portable payer-specific master provider data repository and automate provider enrollment and updates. Enable the onboarding, confirmation, management, and syncing of provider information across applications with a rules-based, configurable SaaS solution.

Key highlights:
  • Gain opportunities to improve provider and member retention and CMS Star ratings
  • Automate user workflows, processes, contracts, and compliance-ready document generation
  • Support all provider functions – data management, user workflows, contracting, network and pricing, claims, directories, enrollments, communications, and credentialling
  • Build data structures adaptable to your and provider hierarchy needs
  • Solve specific pain points or leverage end-to-end provider data lifecycle management
  • Self-service for individual and bulk provider enrollment


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Harry Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Harry has extensive experience as a senior executive in businesses that intersect healthcare, technology, and data. He was the Founder and GM of LexisNexis’ Healthcare division and led acquisitions totaling $6B. Instrumental in driving operational excellence company-wide, Harry plays a significant role in addressing solution gaps for our clients.
Nitin Choudhary - B&W Photo in circle
Nitin Choudhary

Director, Product Solutions

Nitin Choudhary is a Solution Delivery Lead, specialist, and speaker. A computer engineer and MBA certified he holds experience in varied roles, from being in operations, analysis and product solutions. He brings unique problem-solving skills to the table, thus helping clients with user-friendly and accurate solutions to meet their immediate and long-term vision.