Automate Medicaid Benefit Plan Management for multiple states’ products with just a few clicks

July 1, 2021 | 13:00 - 13:30 ET

Webinar Overview
  • Is your Medicaid product data configuration process driven by Excel grids with repetitive data entry into Core-Admin and other systems?
  • Do you need a single source of truth to manage multiple states' products in a single integrated system?
  • Are you looking for a way to easily integrate product data into other systems to share data better and eliminate costly manual data entry errors?
Join us on July 1, in a virtual session where our panelists will show you how the entire Medicaid benefit plan management process, including configuring and updating the plans, generating documents, and integrating that information across the organization while maintaining CMS and state compliance can be simplified with eMedicaidSync™.


eMedicaidSync™ is the industry’s first end-to-end Medicaid Managed Care plan management solution designed to auto-generate documents, handbooks, and booklets and house all Medicaid plans in a single source of truth.It enables Medicaid health plansto easily manage Hearing, Medical, Dental, and Vision service management processes and multiple states’ products in a single integrated system.

What’s in store for you?
  • Create a single source of truth to integrate with Core-Admin and other systems to improve data shareability and collaboration across stakeholders.
  • Modify data to support each state’s requirements with just a few clicks and improve accuracy, consistency, and speed-to-market.
  • Generate documents, including handbooks, booklets, and other marketing materials from a single source of truth.


Harry Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Harry has extensive experience as a senior executive in businesses that intersect healthcare, technology, and data. He was the Founder and GM of LexisNexis’ Healthcare division and led acquisitions totaling $6B.
Namrata Dhanawade - B&W Photo in circle
Namrata Dhanwade

Vice President, Product Solutions

Associated with Simplify Healthcare for more than a decade, Namrata uses her engineering background to help Health Plans solve business problems by designing innovative solutions with new-age technologies. She plays the position of a quarterback at Simplify Healthcare by solving complex workflows, processes, and product backlogs while recommending the best practices and engaging with the team and clients to make informed strategic decisions.