How to auto-generate QHPs, SBCs, and SOBs, and ensure ACA compliance?

June 17, 2021 | 13:00 - 13:30 ET

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Webinar Overview
Manual and traditional client setup management processes can create issues for health plans such as last-minute rush, inaccurate data due to information spread across multiple sources and formats, significant errors, and overall operational inefficiency, ultimately leading to potential client satisfaction issues.


Join us for our upcoming webinar where industry experts will discuss how to transform client lifecycle management using eGroupEnroll™. The solution provides fully automated end-to-end client journey orchestration, from onboarding and enrollment to complete management of ASO setup, group setup, PBMs, and vendors.


eGroupEnroll™ brings enterprise-wide data consistency, enables 360-degree client view with master data, and integrates smoothly with existing CRM platforms to help health plans streamline and manage every client’s lifecycle and gain significant operational efficiencies easily using a single source of truth.


Don’t miss out on the chance to attend this informative virtual session and explore how you can leverage this cutting-edge solution to improve risk ratings!

What’s in store for you?
  • Create a single source of truth to automate the management of client information setup, including ASO setup, ASO fees, performance guarantees, group setup, membership, broker information, PBMs, and vendors
  • Generate compliance-ready and print-ready documents with version control and audit trails to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and external auditors
  • Reduce back and forth by enabling group self-service to collect information needed for onboarding and enrollment.
  • Integrate workflows betweenthe health plan, the group, members, PBMs, brokers, and vendors.


Harry Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Harry has extensive experience as a senior executive in businesses that intersect healthcare, technology, and data. He was the Founder and GM of LexisNexis’ Healthcare division and led acquisitions totaling $6B.
Mandy Reimann

Product Business Architect

Mandy has over 15 years of experience delivering business and technical solutions for payers. Before joining Simplify Healthcare, she was responsible for onboarding Self-Funded groups for a major health plan. She leverages her past experiences to drive innovative product solutions that focus on resolving the business user’s most common pain points.