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Leverage automation to improve speed-to-market and compliance for Medicare Advantage plans for 2023

December 2, 2021 | 13:00 - 13:30 ET

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Webinar Overview
Most payers use traditional methods for building MA benefits plans that result in inconsistencies and inaccuracies in benefit grids, lengthy proofing cycles for documents, and last-minute fire drills to deal with CMS changes.

Payers no longer need to face the same challenges year after year. Join Harry and Kaustubh for a deep dive into how payers can leverage automation for 2023 Medicare Advantage plans using eMedicareSync™, the industry’s first CMS PBP integrated turnkey solution for Medicare Advantage product configuration. eMedicareSync™ accounted for 26% of the total PBPs and 20% of the total EGWPs filed with the CMS for 2022[1], improving accuracy and timeliness and cutting efforts/costs by up to 75%.

With the power of eMedicareSync™, payers can decrease submission errors by up to 90%, lower administrative costs, accelerate speed-to-market by up to 70%, and increase the ability to handle last-minute CMS changes, ensuring 100% CMS compliance for documents.

This webinar is not one to be missed – grab your place soon!

Key Take-Aways:
  • Auto-generate CMS PBP outputs, ANOC/EOC, and SB documents in just a few clicks while improving accuracy, consistency, compliance, and speed-to-market.
  • Generate consistent and accurate documents for reduced risk of penalties and timely and accurate filings
  • Efficiently configure customized Medicare products in just a few clicks to compete in your marketplace
  • Eliminate last-minute CMS changes and last-minute fire drills

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Tasneem Chital

Vice President, Product Solutions

A graduate of Michigan State University, Tasneem brings a unique blend of academic and real-life analysis and problem-solving skills to build innovative healthcare solutions at Simplify Healthcare. Associated with the organization for over half a decade, Tasneem started her journey as a Business Analyst and was one of the key drivers in building eMedicareSync™ ground up. She considers eMedicareSync™ to be her “baby” and as a product owner continues to collaborate with clients and cross-functional teams to deliver exciting new features for both, eMedicareSync and the Simplify9™ platform.
Kaustubh Borole - B&W Photo in circle
Kaustubh Borole

Manager, Product Solutions

Kaustubh is associated as Product Solutions Lead with Simplify Healthcare and brings innovation and analytical approach with problem solving skills to the table. He manages eMedicareSync™ solution - product backlog, end-to-end implementation for prospects and clients, resolving queries, and sharing product updates.