Simplify9™ - Digital Business Process Transformation Suite

Digital Business Process Transformation Suite

  • Enabling Healthcare Payers, TPAs, and ASOs to embrace digital transformation in a world of digital disruption with an automated enterprise suite of tools, Simplify9™
  • Your Healthcare Payer, TPA, and ASO technology platform for the business, by the business addressing any non-claims processing needs

Scale business processes with applied intelligence for radical business transformation

Simplify9, a holistic enterprise suite of tools enabling Healthcare Payers, TPAs, and ASOs to automate and transform any manual or semi-automated business processes using an agile digital platform.

Proven turnkey solution to solve your unique needs.

Simplify9™ is a business rule-driven solution and is business-friendly, easy to implement, and maintain by the business teams. Unlock the new potential for business with just a few clicks.

Manage data and reduce errors by up to 80%, hassle-free.

Simplify9™ enables users to collaborate using the incremental information build and workflow, which eliminates Word and Excel document traffic via email, making it easy to manage data and versions and reduce errors by up to 80%.

Speed to outcomes with an end-to-end automated solution.

Simplify9™ combines business user defined dynamic information designs, business rules, workflow, reusable content library, document generation, responsive web user interface, and robust integration capabilities for faster business outcomes.

Combine the power of different tools to drive platform-enabled transformation.

Simplify9™ is a digital business process transformation suite of tools that drives modernization and streamlines operations enabling payers and TPAs to gain agility and a competitive edge.

What is Simplify9™ ?

Embrace our iterative digital transformation approach to accelerate innovation, intelligence, and business values. With our unique set of integrated capabilities, we help health plans and TPAs to automate complicated processes, ensure seamless workflows, and data sharing with all stakeholders.


Business Design Icon
  • Configure according to your needs
  • Users can configure – not IT
Business Rule Icon
  • Build automated and semi-auto decisioning
  • Users can configure – not IT
Workflow Icon - 2
  • All changes are logged
  • Route tasks and monitor work queues
View Icon
  • Enable contextual view of data
  • Deliver plain "English” version per business rules
  • Store and manage text components = reuse
  • One change can update all relevant docs
Access user configurable data in few clicks
  • Maps data to MDM data structures
  • Leverage MDM investments
Integration Icon
  • Easy integration to other systems
  • Web API, ETL, Batch

What we solve

Simplify9™ enables you to digitally transform any business process that has the following characteristics:
  • Complex and changing data
  • A mix of structured data and documents
  • Hard to manage, often solved with labor
  • Driven with Excel grids and Word documents
  • Multiple conflicting sources of data
  • Multiple versions of data – no single source of truth
  • Documents passed around by emails
  • Documents contain significant identical or similar texts
  • Version control is a challenge, leading to audit, errors, and rework
  • Processes are error-prone, requiring more labor to audit
  • Information needs to be integrated into many other systems
  • Many errors make it to downstream systems anyway
  • Critical systems require arcane codes or redundant data entries
  • Multiple teams influence the data
  • Some tasks can be fully or partially automated based on business rules
  • Essential knowledge sits in people’s heads
  • Different users need an extra level of information
  • Processes or documents that are driven by compliance directives from CMS, NCQA, or local state regulations


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Single Source of Truth
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Case Management
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Decision Management
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Robotic Automation
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Document Management
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Core-Admin Automation

Discover how Simplify9™ can help you streamline and embrace digital transformation using our automated enterprise suite of tools

Proven Results

On an average, Simplify9™ delivers up to
Improvement in Speed-To-Market
Data Reusability
Reduction in Efforts
Reduction in Errors

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