eContractSync™ - Healthcare Provider Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Simplify Provider, Employer Group, and Member Contracts Management

A single source of truth solution specifically designed to automate all aspects of the contract lifecycle, including language repository for easy reuse, change updates for all relevant documents, and manage critical data associated with contracts in an integrated repository and available standardized language.

  • Automate new/existing Provider, employer group, and member contracts, including renewals, amendments, and other changes.
  • Auto-generate customer contracts using language library and benefit product content.
  • Reuse language to update changes across all relevant documents while ensuring consistency, accuracy, and compliance.
  • Consolidate contracts into a single source of truth to reduce errors and increase operational efficiency.

eContractSync™ is an automated contract management solution for Providers and customers to manage and automate various aspects of a contract lifecycle.

Shaping customer and Provider contracts with the breakthrough enterprise solution to give health plans a competitive edge, improve operational efficiency, and reduce admin costs.

Automated end-to-end solution to streamline operation

Streamline contract lifecycle management by eliminating disparate legacy systems and error-prone processes. Automate customer contracts to improve value-based payment reconciliation.

Unified integrated platform to redefine the manual processes

Eliminate errors, inefficiencies, and risk of errors by up to 90% by shifting to a robust and comprehensive contract management solution that generates various contracts with a single click.

Robust features for a seamless Provider experience

eContractSync™ offers unique capabilities and functionalities, making it hassle-free to automate new Provider and customer contracts (and renewals, amendments, and other changes).

Consolidate contracts into a single source of truth

Single source of truth frees health plans from repetitive tasks and data inaccuracies by decreasing errors by up to 90% and ensuring customer and Provider contracts are current and consistent across the enterprise.

Why eContractSync™?

Add agility to your contract lifecycle management and automate contracts (new and changes) by up to 90% with our modular and integrated solution with just a few clicks.
Contract Generation

Automate your contracts (new and changes) up to 90%

Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by up to 75%


Decrease your contract maintenance timeframes up to 60%


Decrease errors up to 90%

Admin Costs

Decrease admin costs up to 75%

Learn how eContractSync™ can help health plans auto-generate contracts and consolidate data into a single source of truth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are the most common, frequently asked questions about implementing end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution and partnering with Simplify Healthcare.

1. What is contract lifecycle management?

Contract lifecycle management manages various aspects of customer and Provider contracts effectively without any last-minute drills. It is a way to streamline different contract management processes.

2. How can you automate contract lifecycle management?

Our solution, eContractSync™, automate the contract lifecycle management processes by consolidating Provider and customer contracts from internal and external sources to create a single source of truth for all contract information. You can configure your data to comply with guardrails for regulations and business policies via centralized business rules.

3. Why use the automated contract lifecycle management solution?

Using eContractSync™, health plans can streamline various aspects of the contract lifecycle, including language repository for easy reuse, load all contracts once and integrate information across the enterprise, efficiently manage amendments and renewals, manage critical data associated with contracts in an integrated language repository, standardized language, and more. The automated solution helps improve the speed-to-market, data accuracy, and cost-effectiveness by up to 75%.

4. What kind of contracts can be generated from eContractSync™?

eContractSync™ flexibly generates all types of customer and Provider contracts such as:

  • Commercial and Government
  • Standard and Custom
  • Value-based purchasing
  • Ancillary (Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, STD, LTD, Life, etc.)

It helps generate all communication documents from a single source of truth, Provider/customer notifications, credentialing, authorizations, contracts.

5. What are some of the core functionalities of eContractSync™?

eContractSync™ simplifies the configuration of Provider and customer contracts with intelligent decision support for data, directory, network, and relations teams. It streamlines contract lifecycle management by eliminating the disparate legacy system and error-prone processes and automates customer contracts to improve value-based payment reconciliation.

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