Simplify Healthcare had a wonderful time at the 2019 RISE Medicare Product Design Master Class!

The RISE event brings an unmatched conference experience to product development and product design professionals from Medicare Advantage Health Plans. This year’s Medicare Product Design Master Class was comprised of carefully curated sessions presented from an esteemed line up of industry thought leaders, where we discussed some of the critical pain points the healthcare industry is dealing with daily!

The need for Health Plans to offer more and improved supplemental benefits is increasing, and the concern is the ability for administrative systems to support these new and differing benefits. The need for direct integration of benefits information into claims and the service desk is also growing.

With our solutions out-of-the-box functionality, we can immediately handle these unique, population-specific benefits and have claims process correctly; this way, the service desk be able to support the new service calls without any hassle. We are the only company with existing tools for these integrations, allowing improved claims first pass rates, and improved services experience, with lower call handle times and improved first call resolution, even as plans and benefits change with these supplemental benefits offerings.

At the event, our subject matter experts discussed how Health Plans can leverage eMedicareSync™ to focus on innovative benefit designs with automated CMS PBP bid submissions and document generation (ANOC, EOC, SB, Kits, Highlight Sheets).

eMedicareSync™ is a turn-key end-to-end MA product/plan configuration (CMS PBP) and document generation solution (ANOC/EOC, SB) that improves accuracy, timeliness and cuts effort/cost by 75%.

Many Health Plans use Excel grids to drive their Medicare/Medicare Advantage product configuration that creates errors, requires duplicate data entry, and takes multiple rounds of manual validation. eMedicareSync™ creates a single source of truth for benefits data and dynamically generates plan and compliance documents.

Mohammed Vaid - B&W Photo in Circle

Mohammed Vaid
CEO/Chief Architect

“When it comes to Medicare Advantage plan management, there are plans, investing hundreds and thousands of dollars every year on legacy systems and error-prone manual processes. Not only they are spending a huge amount of money but also their time and efforts to generate accurate results from inefficient processes; on the contrary, the results they receive are a nightmare! I want to thank RISE for allowing us to be a part of this event and help these Medicare Plans to simplify complex Medicare business processes”.

Mark Manning - B&W Photo in circle

Mark Manning
Chief Growth Officer

“We, as an organization, always had, have and will always have one mission – to help Health Plans deal with their critical pain points. I feel glad that the Health Plans are acknowledging our solutions and giving us the opportunities to make healthcare simple!”

If you are a Health Plan struggling with complex Medicare Advantage management processes, we can help you simplify it all!

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