Leverage a Cutting-Edge Solution to Accelerate Benefit Content Generation and Streaming Across the Enterprise

Eliminate manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process of creating custom content from thousands of plans with millions of fields. Accelerate content generation and automate streaming of benefits from multiple data sources to various systems and applications using a subscriber publisher model.

Industry Challenge

  • Manually pulling relevant benefit data and generating content creates bottlenecks
  • Manually created content is error-prone and time-consuming


  • Delays in critical information reaching members
  • Increased risk of non-compliance

Our Solution

  • Rules-based accurate dynamic content generation
  • Updated benefits information on member-facing portals and service channels
  • Improved member communication, service delivery, and Star ratings
  • Faster response to market changes with a rules-based content management solution
  • Gain competitive advantage by streaming JSON-encoded data via APIs/Event Stores connecting to customer service portals and tools

Industry Challenge

  • Disparate legacy systems create a significant lag in benefit data sharing between product and other departments
  • Collaboration on content creation is usually done on email and Excel sheets, this makes traceability difficult and risks content being outdated
  • Risk of miscommunication and misinterpretation of information


  • Decreased efficiency of organization
  • Increased risk of content being obsolete

Our Solution

  • Rules-based, needs-specific content creation
  • Seamless delivery of information
  • Improved organization-wide efficiency

Industry Challenge

  • Benefits data is stored in multiple sources and disparate legacy systems
  • Lack of a system that allows near real-time flow of benefit data right from generation to publishing endpoints


  • Inaccuracies and inconsistencies in data
  • Increased compliance issues
  • Longer wait times and delay for content to be live

Our Solution

  • Improves data accuracy, consistency, and compliance with Federal and State regulations
  • Consistent and accurate document generation, and streaming with reduction in data mismatch
  • Audit trail for all the content created with unique IDs and Versions
  • Validation in place to remove duplicability
  • Reduced risk of penalties

Industry Challenge

  • Lack of benefit content streaming solutions
  • Generic content streaming solutions are difficult to configure


  • Increased IT dependency
  • Dependency on inefficient point solutions

Our Solution

  • Can be easily configured by non-IT users
  • Lower operational and maintenance cost

Integrate with any of Simplify Healthcare’s Digital Transformation Solutions

eContentStream™ can be integrated with any of our single source of truth-based benefit plan management solutions such as eBenefitSync™, eMedicareSync™, eMedicaidSync™, or eACASync™.
eContentStream™ is also completely systems agnostic and can be plugged into your existing data repositories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about implementing dynamic benefit content generation and streaming solution and partnering with Simplify Healthcare.

1. Why is real-time streaming of benefit data important?

Benefit data streaming allows Payers to create customized content for various needs quickly and accurately. eContentStream™ allows Payers to:

  • React and respond more quickly to changing healthcare regulations,
  • Improve member communication, and
  • Increase operational efficiency.

2. How does eContentStream™ work?

eContentStream™ integrates with multiple data sources to pull information based on rules and dynamically content for various applications and portals. Steps include:

  • Benefit data is generated or modified in central repositories
  • Key conditions trigger an event
  • Content is resolved for all plans that satisfy this key condition
  • This dynamically generated content is saved and displayed by plan
  • De-normalization or grouping collects data points for one plan in a JSON message
  • This JSON message is published to EventHub/Kafka/or any other event ingestor
  • A notification is sent to subscribers through your event ingestor channel
  • Data is consumed from the event ingestor and dynamically pushed via APIs connecting to customer service portals to update benefit plans with the correct benefit information

eContentStream™ uses a subscriber publisher model. The entire process can happen within 2 hours from the time benefit information is updated in central repositories.

3. How can eContentStream™ benefit Payers?

eContentStream™ is the industry’s first benefit content management solution designed specifically for Payers.

  • Real-Time Data Streaming — eContentStream™ pulls benefit data from your data repositories and enables real-time content generation and streaming.
  • Scalability — eContentStream™ can handle large volumes of data, multiple users, and multiple consumer integration patterns to onboard different consuming applications.
  • Automated Process — Task management and automated email trigger a streamlined review process.