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Our Capabilities - Additional Text Image

An end-to-end solution for eliminating disparate legacy systems and error-prone processes.

Transform your business and innovate with a unified solution! Our capabilities are helping health plans be future-ready by streamlining error-prone business processes in a single click.

Simplify benefit product configuration with intelligent decisions to support sales, product development, and document generation.

Comply with configurable guardrails for regulations and business policies via centralized business rules.

Capture benefit plans seamlessly, including Commercial and Government, Standard and Custom, Individual, Small Group, Large Group/ASO, and Ancillary (Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, STD, LTD, and Life).


Engage all stakeholders via integrated use-case specific workflows v/s emails.

Incrementally build benefit plans with inputs across teams.

Annotate and track changes for regulatory & business communication from a single source.

Robust audit trails enable compliance to regulatory agencies and external auditors.


Generate benefit plan communication documents from a single source – SBCs, SOBs, ANOC, EOC, Contracts, SPDs, Amendments, Riders, QHPs.

Seamlessly integrate benefit plan information via ETL, Web API, or Batch files to/from CRM, Core-Admin Systems, and CMS PBP for MA Bids, Portals, Rating, Quoting, and MDM.

Support future AI/Machine Learning initiatives via real-time benefit explanation.

Application Modules

A Benefit Plan Management solution that can be molded to reflect your business! Scale to new frontiers with our cutting-edge modular integrated solution.
Create single source of truth for your plan data

Take control of your data by managing its development and use

Leverage a truly user-configurable data structure, dynamic business rules, and logical workflow that masters your domain with .Source
Auto-generate documents to meet regulations

Customized document version management and generation

Dynamically generate print-ready documents to meet regulations or share your information on web portals or through print with .Docs
Improve claims management accuracy

Configure your plans once and automatically keep your claims system up-to-date

Ensure what you sold is what your claims system administers, eliminate duplicate work by automating the maintenance of your benefit configuration with .Claims
Design plans that are ready to compete

Design benefit plans that are ready to compete in your marketplace

Easily access and compare competitive data to drive which products you put in the marketplace with .Compete
Generate a range of documents

Simplify generation of range/bracketed documents with a few clicks

Simplify Large Group filings (and for ACA in some states) for SOB/Handbooks/Contracts/EOCs effortlessly. The proven platform captures the ranges of cost shares at the foundation template level and variation in language per some conditions are retrieved from the language repository of that document stored in the Master List. Reuse the data setup and a single source of truth that helps with plan creation using .Filing
Seamlessly share information across the enterprise

Empower your single source of truth through electronic integration

Seamlessly share your information with and from the systems in your technology ecosystem with .Integrate

Expose your user-configurable data to standard reporting tools

Ensure your dynamic pristine data is available, near real-time, to your reporting and business intelligence tools, using the relational database format they are familiar with using .DataMart
Improve speed-to-market with seamless CRM integration

Sell and quote while customizing your benefit plans

Access all applicable benefit plans, and allow for customization within your CRM to create a seamless user experience that increases your speed-to-market with .Sales

Develop premium rates with a tight alignment to your plans

Automate the comparison between the actuarial and product data with .Actuarial

Our Solutions

Leveraging end-to-end technology-driven and forward-thinking solutions to help health plans automate processes. Scale operations to unlock business value with our various automated solutions.