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Meet our Advisory Team driving our growth and success.

Zain Raj

A visionary leader, entrepreneur, business accelerator, investor, philanthropist, author, and industry futurist, Zain Raj is a global leader in finding new and different ways to grow brands. His unique ability to unearth surprising insights and incite inspired ideas has created billions of dollars of value for his clients and investors. Zain is the Chairman and CEO of Shapiro+Raj, independent insights and inspiration company in North America. And the founder and CEO of the ideas incubator, ZedNext, takes an objective and disruptive look at trends to help businesses thrive in a data-driven, digitally-led, and insights-driven world. He has authored two Amazon bestsellers, Brand Rituals™: How successful brands bond with customers for life and marketing for tomorrow, not yesterday: surviving and thriving in the insight economy™

Shaun Greene

Shaun Greene earned his undergraduate degree from the United States Military Academy and his graduate degree from the Harvard Business School. He was the VP of Ops for Extend Health (now WillisTowersWatson’s Exchange Services), VP of Medicare for, and the Founder/COO/CEO of Arches health plan. He is currently the Head of Business Operations at HealthPocket.

Jamie Strecker

Partnering with health plans and helping them achieve significant gains in quality and productivity is Jamie’s passion. She held various EDS positions and in the mid-90’s joined fellow EDS’ers for a brief stint (aka roller coaster ride) at an Internet start-up. She joined SAP America and led teams that implemented EDI with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Strecker managed a portfolio of IT projects for a major MI-based health plan for several years. Jamie has a BA in economics from Northwestern University.