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A leading health plan on the East Coast reduced their quotes to claims configuration processing timelines by 50% to 10 calendar days and achieve zero claims processing errors for its plans.

Shorter processing time

Helped in achieving zero claims processing errors with shorter processing time and fast turnaround of the products.

Performance Optimization

Helped in reducing the quotes to claims configuration processing time to 10 calendar days from an average 23-37 days.

Improved product setup time

57% reduction in the average product setup and 64% time saved in the end-to-end group setup time.

Savings in non-claims activities

57% savings in non-claims activities which helped in reducing time and cost and achieve operational excellence.


A leading health plan on the East Coast was challenged due to disparate legacy systems and manual processes across the account operations unit. Their complicated quotes to claims configuration processes were slow and prone to errors and took an average of 23-37 calendar days for varying complexity plans. They were looking for an end-to-end benefit plan management solution to redesign and streamline the operational processes, reduce the number of manual steps, save time from quotes to claims processing, and get groups into production.
eBenefitSync™ has been a tremendous success, and we have met or exceeded all of our goals! We have gained significant efficiencies while eliminating costly manual errors. We cut the end-to-end group setup time by 64%, and there have been zero claims processing errors from the plan setup.

Director, Operations

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