A large TPA consolidates over 250 pages of the group and plan data into a single source of truth – automates SBC, Benefit Matrix, Faxback, and SPD.

Faster speed-to-market

80% improvement in speed-to-market with data consolidated in a single source of truth.

Faster turnaround time

Automated document generation provided a fast turnaround time to TPA client change requests.

Robust workflow process

A robust workflow process ensured all the stakeholders were informed and data was well organized and loaded by TPA.

Simplify document management

Auto-generation of key collateral materials and accurate management of benefit plan and new group onboarding data.


A large TPA was struggling with a tedious manual process for onboarding new groups and renewing them. Their process involved capturing benefit plan and new group onboarding data across 20+ disjoint documents with 250+ pages each. In addition to this, the SBC, Benefit Matrix, Faxback, and SPDs were generated manually.
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