Automate and streamline Group lifecycle management with eGroupEnroll™

Reinvent client setup, simplify the onboarding and enrollment process with intelligent operations. Grow the number of clients faster while reducing client service duration efficiently.

Industry Challenge 

  • Group onboarding and enrollment data stored in Excel grids, Word files, and email trails 
  • Different teams and departments having their own versions 


  • Data inaccuracies 
  • Unsatisfactory Group experience 
  • Decreased sales 

Our Solution 

  • Creates a single source of truth for Group data 
  • Consolidates all the new and existing client information, including Group setup, membership, and broker information, in one place 
  • Improves accuracy and accessibility 

Industry Challenge 

  • Membership, enrollment, onboarding, claims, billing, and other teams involved in client lifecycle management operating in silos 
  • Communication or collaboration happening over emails 


  • Inconsistency across departments 
  • Reduced operational efficiency 

Our Solution 

  • Engages all internal as well as external stakeholders via integrated use-case-specific workflows 
  • Boosts collaboration between Payer, Group, and vendor teams 
  • Enables incremental Group enrollment with inputs across teams 

Industry Challenge 

  • Manually managing key events for hundreds of clients 
  • Manually tracking contract renewal and expiry dates 


  • Delays in addressing events such as contract renewals 
  • Negative impact on client or vendor relationships 
  • Suboptimal business outcomes 

Our Solution 

  • Enables event automation  
  • Automates notifications about upcoming contract renewal dates, expected data changes, external integrations 
  • Improves timeliness and simplifies reporting 

Industry Challenge 

  • Group setup data is manually collected 
  • Back and forth between internal and client (Group) teams 


  • Inefficient and error-prone process 
  • Group frustration 
  • Business opportunity loss 

Our Solution 

  • Automates client onboarding and enrollment 
  • Eliminates back and forth between the payer and the Group 

Why eGroupEnroll ?

We are helping Payers, TPAs, and ASOs revolutionize client lifecycle management and deliver quality service in a few clicks.
Speed to Market
Data Reusability
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Choose an end-to-end solution or select modules to solve specific pain points

Our Group setup, onboarding, and enrollment solution can be molded according to your business. Select from our integrated modules that suit your business to address pain points and maximize investments.

Integration of other solutions with eGroupEnroll™ ecosystem

eClaimsEngine™ – Our claims configuration solution, integrates as a component of eGroupEnroll™ to configure your Group data at one place with intelligent decision support, eliminate repetitive data entry into Core-Admin and other systems, keep your claims system up to date, and automate the maintenance of your Group setup data configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about implementing end-to-end Group setup, onboarding, and enrollment solution and partnering with Simplify Healthcare.

1. What is Group lifecycle management?

The Group setup management manages client information, onboarding, and enrollment process while ensuring that new Groups or changes to existing Groups can be delivered efficiently and accurately. The process includes the setup of groups, membership/enrollment, broker information, and other related 3rd parties.

2. What are the challenges with the traditional Group setup processes?

Manual and traditional Group setup management processes can create issues such as last-minute rush, inaccurate data due to information spread across multiple sources and formats, insignificant errors, and overall operational inefficiency. Since downstream systems require Group-specific information, maintaining this manual setup often leads to inaccuracy or out-of-date information residing in your critical systems, creating potential client satisfaction issues.

3. Why use a client setup and management solution?

With our client lifecycle management solution, eGroupEnroll™, Payers and TPAs can easily capture client setup information, including but not limited to ASO setup, ASO fees, performance guarantees, group setup, vendors, etc. The automated solution consolidates information in one place while ensuring accurate plan design, client support, and integration of their 3rd party relationships (e.g., PBMs, vendors). Health Plans and TPAs can now more rapidly setup clients and ensure that new clients or changes to existing clients can be delivered quickly and accurately.

4. What kind of information can be captured/managed with an automated Group setup solution?

With eGroupEnroll™, Payers and TPAs can flexibly capture all types of client setup information:

  • ASO setup
  • ASO fees
  • Performance guarantees
  • Group setups
  • Vendors

They can also annotate and track regulatory and business communication content changes from a single source of truth.

5. How can you automate client setup and management?

eGroupEnroll™ is a cutting-edge single source of truth solution enabling Health Plans and TPAs to rapidly setup clients while ensuring that new clients or changes to existing clients are delivered quickly and accurately. It consolidates all client set up information into one place and creates a single source of truth. Once configured, the ongoing maintenance of client information and future clients’ addition becomes much easier to manage. Additionally, since this information is centrally stored, it can be integrated into downstream systems to ensure that they always have current and accurate information.